#1781 ALL Plastic Handle Set

This unique handle assembly has a single piece plastic clip at each end of the handle that installs in your box without using screws or rivets. The clips are inserted, from the inside of the box, into two 5/32" x 9/16" slots on 4-5/32" centers. The handle is then slipped over each of the protruding handle posts and the plastic hinge is snapped into place. No tools are needed. (Click on picture for larger view.)

The assembly is approx. 1-9/16" high, 4-5/8" wide and slightly under 1/2 thick at the grip point. Recommended case thickeness .100" although it will work up to .125". Stock color is black, but white available on special order. Standard pack is 750 pcs. This handle is rated for light duty applications of up to 20 or 25 lbs. Not recommended for continuous duty with "jerking" loadings (i.e. not for a loaded tool box in constant use).

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