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Since 1938, Atco Products, Inc. has been meeting the HARDWARE requirements of manufacturers of carrying cases, boxes, instrumentation and equipment, toys, displays, binders and menu covers, and much, much more.

Among other products, Atco supplies locks, latches, hinges, card holders, menu corners, binder corners, box corners, lid stays, picture frame hooks, mirror hardware, plastic handles and metal handles. In addition to our standard product line, Atco provides custom Stamping, Assembly, Tools & Dies, General Manufacturing and Wire EDM Services to meet your requirements. Our dedicated employees are ready to serve you with our complete in house manufacturing facilities.

For many years, before the rush to oveseas outsourcing, Atco was also a prime supplier to the toy industry and manufactured toy parts for the likes of Hasbro, Pressman and Mattel just to name a few majors.

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