Corner Application Machinery

Atco manufacturs the 14AX Air powered, manual loading corner application machine shown to apply Atco corners to your product.

The machine is a table top model and with the appropriate dies can install any of our corners. Standard equipment includes: lockable on/off valve; filter-regulator-oiler unit; finger tip control; adjustable stop and side gages; and operating area guards. The machine requires clean air at a minimum of 80 psig and weights approx 60 lbs. It is approx. 20" wide, 25" front to back and 18" high.

A single die will handle all "squared" type corners, but for best results we do recommend special fit shape dies for "rounded" corners. These dies are interchangeable.

A proficient operator should be able to install four corners on a menu sized product at a rate of approximately 225 units per hour (900 corners/hour).

We are also the distributer of a line of automatic corner application machines that can enhance your production and profit capabilities.

Click to enlargeAutomatic AssemblyThese machines operate on 115V 60Hz power and require a source of compressed air. Contact factory for more specific details for your operation.

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