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Hanger Hooks

Sample Book Hanger Hooks, Fabric Swatch Hanger Hooks (Click on picture for a larger view)

Primarily used by sample book makers, hangers are produced in several standard sizes.

The 602 Hook is approximately 3-1/8" in overall height and 2" across the hook. The wire is .135" diameter with a .230" diameter head at the base.

The 803 Hook is approximately 3-3/4" in overall height and 2-1/2" maximum across the hook from the tip. The hook itself is about 1.1" in diameter. The wire is .135" diameter with a .230" diameter head at the base.

The 803 Washer is approx. 3/8" wide X 2" long with a .150" Dia hole and fits the #602 and #803 Hooks. Special washer sizes to fit your specific requirements can be made to order.

ATCO can also provide hooks with welded base wires of almost any length (2,500 pieces minimum).

Our 604 Hook one piece hook and base is approximately 4-5/8" long and 3-3/4" high. The hook will fit over a bar up to 1-1/2" in diameter. It is contructed with .105" wire and meets many lighter duty needs.

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