Hot Stamping & Silk Screen Fixture

This Hot Stamp Locator fixture , comprised of an 18" x 24" special, flat aluminum base plate and a precision machined, adjustable, 90 degree angle is the first step in producing hot stamped, silk screened parts with perfect registration between operations. (Click on picture to enlarge view.)

The fixture is usually clamped to the hot stamp machine base with final part placement controlled to .005" or better with a three point micro adjust type system. Steel clamping washers protect the precision adjustable angle.

After hot stamping, your parts are transferred to the second set of fixtures shown below.

Click to enlargeFixed Angle LocatorThis precision machined angle is firmly mounted on your silk screening table and is used as the location for your previously hot stamped item. (Click on picture to enlarge view.)

Click to enlargeMicro Adjust Hinge BaseYour silk screen frames are attached to this adjustable hinge base. Macro adjustments are made by moving the entire hinge base along the slotted back up plate. Then, through use of the three point micro screw adjustments, your screen is located precisely in relation to your hot stamped part. (Click on picture to enlarge view.)

This three part set, the Hot Stamp Locator Fixture , the Fixed Angle Locator, and the Micro Adjust Screen Hinge Base will result in near perfect registration for your product.

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