1760  Lock Hasp with Holes

Hasp 1760 is ideal for small box projects. It is approx. 5/8" wide and 1-7/8" high. Both the hasp and keeper have two .097 Dia. holes to attach it to your box. Use a #2 screw.

A padlock with a maximum 9/64" (.171")Dia. bail will fit this hasp. Our 955 shown below fits perfectly.

Project Pack: This hasp is sold in bulk or in a minimum package containing 10 hasps with mounting screws sent by United Parcel at $ 25.00 complete.

Padlock 955Padlock 955The 955 Mini Padlock is ideal for your low security application. The lock is approx. 3/4" wide, a little over 1/4" thick and a little over 1-1/4" in overall height when locked. The shackel is approx 1/8" in diameter with 1/2" x 21/64" clearance inside the loop. Two keys are supplied with each padlock. All padlocks keyed alike.

Project Pack: This 955 mini padlock is sold in bulk or in a minimum package containing 10 padlocks with 2 keys each sent by United Parcel at $ 27.50 complete.

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