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Our bench mounted power screwdriver will cut down the time needed to install your hardware saving you $$ and increasing your production capabilities. It is primarily recommended for screw sizes from #000 to #4 (with up to 5 inch pounds of torque) and nuts from 3/32" to 1/4" across the flats. In most applications with this screwdriver, you will have to drill pilot holes for each screw. Drivers are available for slotted, cross recess, hex and Torx type screws.

An optional screw tray allows your operator to quickly position screws for fast pickup with a magnetic or vacuum tool.

This power screwdriver has a quiet, continuous duty 1650 RPM, reverseable, permanently lubricated ball bearing motor and is plugged into any standard grounded 115V, 60 Hz outlet. (Also available in 240V).

The driver head has a locking adjustable torque adjustment and is actuated by pressure against the screw. The torque clutch operates automatically, disengaging the drive when the preset torque level is reached.

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