<b>Tear Drop Stop Hinge</b>

These tear drop hinges are simply wonderful for use on all types of box, case, and luggage applications.

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The #10 Hinge is approx. 2.040" in height and 1.110" in width and has .159" dia. mounting holes for rivets or screws. A #4 phillips flat head screw fits this hinge well.

The #20 HInge is approx. 2.55" in height and 1.5" in width and has .170 Dia. mounting holes for rivets or screws. Depending upon the application, a #4, a #5 or a #6 screw fits this hinge.

Both hinges have stop angles of approximately 90 degrees.

See our #15 Hinge and #25 Hinge for non-stop versions of the above. Non-Stop Hinges

A selection of phillips pan and flat head screws are available for this hardware. Call Atco for recommendations for Screws for your next project.

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