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#1764 Heavy Duty Strap Handle

Light to Heavy Duty Plastic Strap Handles

The #1764 Strap Handle does not require any hardware. Instead, two slots are die cut in your box and the tabs at the ends of the handle are inserted into the slots. The wings inside the box hold it in place. Washers, if required for added strength, are sold seperately.

The 1-3/8" Dia. washers shown are sometimes used to give added pull-out strength. After the "wings" are inserted into the box slots, the washers are slipped over the tips of the handle on the inside of the box. A one piece washer with two slots is available for the 8" and 9" handles for the most demanding uses. Details of this are shown below.

The handle is approx. 3/16" thick and 3/4" wide and is avalable in in a number of different lengths to suite your job. The "wings" on the 6" to 8" units are 1" wide and 3/8" long. The wings on the 9" to 12" units are 2" wide and 1/2" long. The handle neck is 5/16" wide. Standard colors are black or white. Standard pack and ratings are shown below. Handle material is LDPE.

Length Width Thick Std Pack Weight Limit
#1764-6 6-1/4" 3/4" 3/16" 2,500 pcs 45 lbs
#1764-7 6 3/4" 3/4" 3/16" 2,500 pcs 45 lbs
#1764-8 7-3/4" 3/4" 3/16" 1,500 pcs 65 lbs
#1764-9 9" 3/4" 3/16" 1,000 pcs 100 lbs
#1764-12 12" 3/4" 3/16" 700 pcs 25,000 pcs min

Click to enlarge1764 One Piece Plastic Handle WasherThe 1764 One Piece Washer is used for heavier duty applications where better support is required. This type washer is has two slots and sits along the entire length of the handle. There are two sizes, one used for the 1764-8 Handle and the other for the 1764-9" Handle (shown here). The washers are approximately 1" wide and 1/16" thick with appropriate slots for each handle.

Handle Slot LayoutsHandle Slot LayoutsDouble click on the picture to the left to find the recommended sizes and locations for the box cut-outs for your handle application.

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