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Twist Locks, Turn Locks, Plastic & Metal

Atco turnlocks are supplied in a number of different versions and are used on cases, pocket books and folios.(Click on picture for larger view) The #23 Styles and #5 Styles are the most popular and readily available.

Turnlocks are usually used as four part set. The Turnlock itself: a Backup Washer for the turn, a decorative Top Plate: and finally a Washer for the top plate. Customers may use from one to all four parts depending upon the product. A set of small dies to be used on a kick press or small air press is usually used to install these parts.

Click to enlargeTurn Lock 1776The 1776 Plastic Twist Lock is an alternative to the metal hardware shown above. .(Click on picture for larger view) For many applications the simplicity of assemly makes this the ideal part since no specialized equipment is required to attach it to your product.

This hardware consists of a four part set: Twistlock; Twistlock Washer; Decorative Plate; Decorative Plate Washer. The washers are "push on" and hold securely to their mating parts. The "Twist" measures approx. 3/8" x 5/8". The Decorative top plate is approx. 7/8" x 1-1/8" and is designed for material up to approx. 3/16" thick. Standard color is Black. Standard packing is 8000 sets (4 parts)but we often can process orders as low as 500 pieces. In large quantities, this item can be molded in other colors to match your product.

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